What I Love

  • PHP

    Be it a simple applet, dynamic website, or an ultra-complex web app, I rock PHP all the way!!

  • Databases

    Most cringe at the word; yet I call it home! Guess it just compliments my analytical personality!

  • APIs

    I love building and working with APIs!! Google, Twitter, and Facebook are obviously the most famous.

  • Ajax

    Maybe it's because I like light weight websites, or maybe it's that feeling of "magic" - either way .... Ajax Baby!!

Wanna know more about What I Do!

It's complicatedly simple really! I'm a developer ...

Wanna know more about Me

I have a page dedicated to, ... well; ME!

Man of Many Hats

  • HTML5 / CSS3

    Wrote my first website almost 22 years ago - HTML 3.2 and CSS 1 - man has the internet grown up since!!

  • JS / jQuery

    JS & jQuery are meant to be unobtrusive - let's try to keep it that way shall we!!

  • Bash

    I've been Bashing for about 10 years. Kind of funny the things you learn when you don't mean too!

  • Hosting

    For the past 14 years or so, I've done my own hosting - and EVERY aspect of a server administrator!!